The Artist

Scott Staats is a native of central New Jersey where he works as a glass blower. With the glass, Scott creates colorful and unique designs for decor and lighting in both indoor and outdoor settings.  His product lines include many things you use around your house in everyday use. Such as drawer pulls, tumblers, tea lights, pen holders, paperweights and pendent lights. To create some truly unique designs Scott works hand in hand with customers to design artwork that best fits their preferences and surroundings.

Throughout his years of study and experience in glass, Scott has had the opportunity to work on many large projects with a cast of truly great artists. Many of these opportunities were made possible through his employment at Belle Mead Hot Glass where he has worked as a gaffer and  studio assistant to artist Bob Kuster. As a part of the Belle Mead Hot Glass team Scott has traveled all over working on some of the largest installations in the country.

Scott’s personal body of work is ever growing and changing.  Much of his work is influenced by the colors and beauty of the natural world.  With every day there comes an opportunity for inspiration and for entirely new perceptions of ones surroundings.  As an artist Scott hopes to contribute to these opportunities and to create works that people will truly appreciate and enjoy.